About oomé

oomé, meaning plum blossom in Japanese and symbolizing spring and new beginnings, emerged out of losing Miki's father and paying tribute to her Japanese identity on her mother's side.

Miki's father, a food broker and incredible salesperson, had a passion for good food, great company, and life in general.

He loved using his smoker to make delicious family meals that would bring the family around the dinner table. But in the summer of 2020, he suffered a significant accident and passed away several months later, leaving Miki to inherit her father's smoker.

Miki wanted to honor her father by doing something with his smoker, but in a way that would align with her own values of living more plant-forward. This was during the height of the pandemic and smoked tofu was nowhere to be found. And there the concept of oomé was born.

Many know tofu - they view it as this amazing source of protein that is minimally processed, but it is also difficult to add flavor to. That is where oomé comes into play. oomé is here to brighten the industry - not only by making an amazing product, but also by standing out on the shelf through beautiful branding, design and packaging.

Miki grew up going on family trips to Japan and has fond memories of seeing everyday products displayed in beautiful packaging on the grocery store shelves there.

"I truly believe that we have an opportunity to make tofu not only taste incredible, but look beautiful on the outside as well, and that is what we set out to do in launching oomé".


We are committed to always using clean and simple ingredients, being at the forefront of sustainability, and honoring our heritage through serving the community with delicious, healthy and wholesome food.